Termite Facts

Termite Facts

Each year over 2 million buildings are invaded by termites, causing millions of dollars in damage annually.  In fact, Termites are the #1 source of damage to the American home causing more monetary loss than all of the fires, floods & earthquakes combined per year.  It doesn’t matter where you live, although Florida has one of the highest percentages of termite activity in the country, your home or business can be a target for termites.  Even buildings and houses on concrete slabs are threatened by termites finding their way through small cracks.  Termites are so clever and efficient that no efforts at termite-proof construction methods have worked out completely successful.

Even cold weather offers no protection as termites are found as far north as Canada and other cold places.

Subterranean termites are the most damaging kind and live in colonies in the soil.  Each colony is built around a king and queen, the sole purpose of termites is reproduction.  Most of the termites that comprise the colony are worker termites, the ones that cause the damage to your home or business.

Worker termites search for food sources and share it with others in the colony.  They are busy at work 24 hours a day, attacking the structure of your home or business from inside the wood.  More often than not, you will not see signs of their work until something gives way.  Immediate pest control action is needed at that point.  It is even possible that there is more than one colony working on your building at the same time, so start seeking advice with a specialized company as soon as you suspect termites.

Termite Types

So, a pre-purchase Termite Inspection is a must and professional termite pest control is required if you notice termites, or evidence of termites (bodies, wings, tubes, etc.), around the house.

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